How Long Can My Aging Parents Live At Home?

They may never have to leave. As you can imagine, there are several factors involved in making this decision. We’ll evaluate your situation then present you with realistic options.  

When Do I Move My Aging Parents?

How do I know when to move to a higher level of care? Evaluating Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) to assign periodic scores over a structured period of time will gauge any changes of care.  

How Do I Shop for Assisted Living?

How do I shop for assisted living and memory care? The decision to buy is an annual investment of $40,000 to $100,000.  Here's how we can help.

Can I use online locators to find assisted living?

Why are online assisted living locators FREE?  Here's why we're NOT an online locator. 

How Do I Get Family to Agree?

How do I get the whole family to agree on the right senior care for my aging parents?  Siblings may be living in multiple states at different stages of life.  So how do we become a team? 

How Do I Take Away My Parent's Car Keys?

Taking away the car keys can be very difficult. We have to understand what this loss of independence means to our parents, while at the same time understanding that we have to protect them and keep them from harm.  

What Can I do if My Aging Parent Refuses to Move?

75% of seniors prefer to age at home.  A team of professionals can surround and support your desire to care for them, and...maintain your important family relationships. 

How Can I be sure my parent is getting all their medication?

Is my parent getting all their medications?  Are they taking them on time?  Did they miss taking them today?  Here's a few tips!

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Senior Care Consultant

Here's the answer to that question... and the benefits of that investment. 

What is Your ROI If you Hire Me?

If you hire Parkview Aging Services...what's the return on your investment? 

Who Will Supply Incontinence Supplies In Assisted Living?

Here's a quick tip to avoid a very frustrating situation in senior care.

What VA Benefits Does My Loved-One Qualify For?

Each state is required by federal law to provide certain benefits for their senior citizens.  So, your aging parents may qualify for government benefits you may not be aware of.