Most Asked Questions

  • How long can my parents live at home? They may never have to leave. We’ll evaluate your situation then present you with realistic options. [watch video]

  • How do I know when to move to a higher level of care? Evaluating Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) to assign periodic scores over a structured period of time will gauge any changes of care. [watch video]

  • How to take away the car keys? We evaluate the situation, then determine a range of options to protect their safety and your relationships.

  • What if they refuse to move? We evaluate the situation, then determine options to pursue to maximize their care, safety and family relationships.  

  • What government or VA benefits do they qualify for? Depending on geographic, historical and financial information, we’d help you determine what’s available and if you qualify. 

  • What will Medicare & Medicaid and supplemental insurance pay for? Medicare.gov is a robust website to answer these questions. Jeff is also a Certified Medicare Counselor and can assist in finding answers.

  • How much will it all cost? This depends on several factors. We’ll evaluate them to find the best care for your dollar.

  • What if they make too much to qualify for benefits, but not enough to afford assisted living? This is where we can help you determine multiple strategies to financially support their care.


  • How do we get the whole family to agree? This depends on the legal, geographic, unique family dynamics and negotiations to reach a win-win solution.


  • They’re opening senior living all around me. Who can I trust? This is what we investigate towards a care partnership that is trustworthy, accountable and protected.