Jeff Bird's Story

My Story

   Growing up, I enjoyed an abundance of love from my grandparents, and I looked forward to their visits. I remember at the end of holiday meals, instead of leaving the table to play, I hung around to hear their stories and jokes. When the Lord took them home, I felt drawn to minister to older adults.   

In 1991, my wife and I adopted a sweet, 78-year-old woman in East Atlanta as part of an adopt-a-grandparent program. At the time, I was also managing a grocery store in an Atlanta neighborhood with a large senior population. As I ran around the store, I answered questions; reached cans on the top shelf; refilled their coffee or doughnuts; or just talked about their day. I realized again how much I enjoyed them.   

In 2003, my heart led me away from managing grocery stores to managing senior living communities. Two burdens emerged: 1) the seniors’ eternal spiritual condition and 2) pursuing excellence as a senior service provider. I responded by launching a consulting practice in 2012, which became Parkview Aging Services in 2016. My practice equips overwhelmed families; builds partnerships with trustworthy caregivers and resource providers; and mobilizes the Church to advance God’s kingdom.