Jeff Bird's Story

My parents, Dick and Marion Bird, were raised as only children. As a result, I enjoyed an abundance of love from all the grandparents, great aunts and great uncles.  This picture, taken in 1969, contains just one of multiple family branches bursting with older adults.  Each one was special to me and sorely missed as the Lord took them home. 

The loss of seniors in our family was a motivation to get involved in ministry to older adults.  In 1992, my wife and I adopted a sweet 78-year old woman in East Atlanta as part of FCS Urban Ministries, Adopt-a-Grandparent Program.  At the same time I worked as a manager in Kroger Food Stores when the company launched “Senior Citizen 5% off Wednesday’s.”  The Toco Hills neighborhood surrounding this store had a large demographic of seniors which turned my Wednesday’s into a fun and exciting experience. 

In 2003, my passion for seniors led me away from the corporate world to manage a non-profit senior living organization.  During my assignment as executive director, I realized two unique passions:  first, dealing with the senior’s eternal spiritual condition;  second, pursuing organizational excellence as a provider of services to seniors and their families.  

So, in 2012, I began Bird Consulting, LLC to provide two services: non-profit leadership development in senior care and second, to guide families caring for aging loved ones.  Upon completion of graduate school in 2014, I pursued work in organizational development and managing for-profit senior assisted living and memory care.  This experience rekindled  my passions for ministry to seniors along with family guidance. 


In November 2016 I reformed Bird Consulting, LLC to Parkview Aging Services (PAS).  PAS is dedicated to holistic senior care by first, equipping families with the right information and resources for the best care at the right time.  Second, PAS will build trusted partnerships between church families and care providers in order to effectively guide and support their progress.  Third, PAS can mobilize the church family with denominational resources to advance God’s Kingdom to the aging and stakeholders of their care. 


The statistics and felt needs are overwhelming.  But our cultural mandate to engage this generational event is an open door for the gospel.  My burden, sense of calling, experience and passion are ripe for the challenge. 

My wife of 25 years, prayer team and extended Church family have encouraged me to exercise my spiritual gifts of service, shepherding and administration on this fantastic journey.  To them, I am eternally grateful!  I’m happy to answer any questions. Thank you in advance for your time, continuing prayers, and feedback. – Jeff